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FinnSys App is the coolest, lightest and the safest one-stop window to your Live Investments with your Financial Advisor in India. If you have an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) registered in India managing your portfolio, all you need is locate him/her through his/her registration number (ARN) or search through his website.

You can then enter your login & password to view your live Investments and Portfolio
status on your device at your ease – 24*7.

With this great and easy to use app, gone are the days when you had to receive your
portfolio reports in your mail boxes, spend long hours understanding your Portfolio,
remember important investment and expiry dates, stay fearful of your Portfolio’s

Just connect your account once and enjoy your portfolio at a single click on your
mobile device.

Awesome features include:

1. 24*7 view of your Live Portfolio and its current valuation,
2. Get important Notifications and alerts from your Financial Advisor,
3. Use Financial Calculators for smart Goal Planning,
4. Get Quotes & NAVs
5. Get Fund Performances and compare funds instantly
6. Get Market Updates of Indian Financial Environment

Install and always stay in control of your Investments and Market trends.

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