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How we helped Data Analytics, Social Media Company to adopt Azure Cloud based solution

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Industry: Social Media, Data Analytics

Technology: Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Social Media, MVC, Java Play based Web API, AngularJS, HighCharts, Talend

Problem statement:

  1. Fetching, Analyzing and Storing metadata wrt to posts, like, shares and conversations of users within networks of the respective organization where each network have 20000+ users on an average.
  2. Currently Processing 80,000+ txn/day and 80+ networks with growth trends indicating 80,000,000+ txn/day and approx 80,000 networks in next 6 – 12 months.
  3. Updating the data on daily basis with rate limitations of pulling data.
  4. Provide APIs to read & churn these data to provide insights to the users.

Core Challenges:

  1. Understanding the various social networks APIs.
  2. Fast Data processing for such a voluminous data within 24 hours while we know that our services will get multi-fold in next 2 qtr.
  3. Creating APIs and analytics for these data

Our Solution:

  1. Microsoft Azure Cloud based distributed instances across multiple affinity groups & regions.
  2. Securing the environment using Azure NSG & VNET and setting up governance around Data Security, Server Security, Network Security, Database Access
  3. Data Analytics using Talend
  4. API based on Java Play Web API and secured authentication.


  1. Availability of social media user data onto a common social dashboard for the subscriber company to review and take actions.
  2. High Performance Web APIs built to consume by external platforms.
  3. Ability to auto scale up/down as per the traffic

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